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California State Capitol

Economic Impact by Legislative District 2021

Xavier Roque | 5 minutes

Economic significance of the travel industry in California’s 40 Senate districts and 80 Assembly districts in 2021. The reports include visitor spending, earnings, employment and tax revenue (local and state) per district. The estimates are comparable to the county, regional and state travel impacts.

Major Takeaways

  • Total impacts for all districts match those in the 2021 statewide travel impacts report: $100.2 billion in travel-related spending supporting 927 thousand jobs and generating $9.8 billion in state and local taxes.  
  • California’s visitor spending number remained just 69% of the record-setting levels recorded in 2019, before the pandemic lockdown and subsequent waves of government restrictions. Only one of California’s 58 counties – rural Trinity County in northwest California - recorded visitor spending that exceeded its 2019 mark. 
  • Urban destinations that host the bulk of California’s hotels, restaurants and tourism attractions have been particularly slow to recover, according to the report. San Francisco, for instance, recorded $6.1 billion in visitor spending in 2021 – just 43% of the $14.2 billion reached in 2019.
  • Spending by international visitors, which stood at nearly $28 billion in 2019 and was California’s largest export, plummeted to just $5.4 billion in 2021.