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Issues & Insights

Shaping the Future of California

What to Know

The growth of the Golden State's tourism community has enabled the industry to share the California Dream more than ever before, elevating regional efforts, amplifying local voices around the globe and driving the growth of a multi-faceted industry baked into the state's very identity.

Our Growth Economy
California's tourism industry has 9 yrs. of consecutive growth
Californians would have an extra $820 in taxes without tourism



Tourism powers communities across the state
Responsible & Sustainable Tourism
93% of travelers believe in leaving a destination the same or better
312 million projected trips to California in 2020


Preserving California's Abundance

As travel evolves, destinations develop practical ways to protect experiences
Jobs and Workforce
Jobs and Workforce Billboard 4
25% of tourism workforce earns more than $20/hr.

Jobs & Workforce

California's resilient workforce

Californians find opportunities within the state’s burgeoning travel industry